Andrew likes flying

When not doing tech, Andrew likes flying

I speak machine

I guess I have been thinking in code since my early childhood but didn’t know it at the time. It all changed when I got my first computer (ZX Spectrum, Commodore64’s pal) at the age of 11. This is when I realized my destiny. I have been coding since 11 and 24 years later still enjoy it immensely despite the fact that I’ve been taking managerial positions for the past 10 years.

I feel happy cooking responsive web apps & services using PHP, Python, Go, Node.js and React as ingredients. Occasionally I might even deliver a swift iOS or Android app.

Usually, my meals are served with a delicious Ansible sauce. Whenever I run out of it I might use Kubernetes & Docker to spice things up.

As of late 2019, I’ve been diving deep into Machine Learning. An ODS.ai graduate, active Kaggler.

My third passion is macro finances and crypto currencies.

In my off-screen time, I enjoy hiking, bodybuilding, and (you guessed!) flying an aircraft.

I have strong analytic skills, 110% responsibility for what I do, and a passion for exploring, learning, and creating. I love learning!

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